I was born and raised in Wicklow, Ireland in a house of artists, bee keepers, gardeners and nature lovers. In my earliest memories I remember my parents pointing out the beauty in everything, the reflection of light bouncing off a hill or the colors in a single blade of grass. They always encouraged me to notice and respect the world and my surroundings. Today my paintings are an expression of all that I see and feel around me. 

I started my fine art education in Dublin, and later went on to start a career in Makeup Art. After nearly a decade in makeup I decided to return to my roots in painting and pursue my passion and dream as a professional artist. When I first put paint to canvas after so long, I felt I could once again speak in a way I don’t have words for, and express long dormant emotions.

Before I start a new work I am aware of the feelings I want to share. My choice of medium, color, brush and canvas are representative of these feelings, and from that point forward every brush stroke matters. The flow from hand to brush to paint and finally to substrate is one of the most satisfying experiences, speaking every unspoken word. On the canvas, after an acrylic or oil base, hundreds of colorful oil layers or put down and I manipulate the paint until it start to speak to me. I look for that story deep colors of the work, my brush searching for it with every stroke. This may take hours, sometimes even weeks. Through the process my paintings may travel through many phases, frequently entire scenes or subjects are covered, destined to exist forever under a newer coat of paint, but always there, part of the finished work. 

I invite you to experience my works and imagine for yourself what might lie beneath.